A clear glass flask from Crigler & Crigler of Covington, KY.

The flask came in a cardboard box designed to mimic "a book that measures 6" by 4", 1-1 /2" thick.

The spine of the "book" reads "WOODLAND / SERIES / VOL. 1 / CRIGLER & CRIGLER / Covington, Ky". The cover (lid of the box) reads "Just Twenty Years Ago", a reference to the year of distillation which is cited on the flask as being 1881. At the bottom of the cover it says "Practically Illustrated".

The flask inside the box bears the original label "OLD / PRIVATE STOCK / HAND MADE SOUR MASH / WHISKEY. Distilled / 1881 (in a red seal). The label is signed "Crigler and Crigler / COVINGTON, Ky".

The reverse of the flask has a circle embossed with an embossed shield within and a "A MERRY CHRISTMAS / CRIGLER & CRIGLER".

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