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The Steinhardt Bros were Lewis, Henry, Morris, & David J. In 1880, the first three of these brothers share a common home address but each has their own shop. Henry is at 143 Broome, Morris is at 87 Hudson, and Lewis is at 458 Greenwich. In 1890, David J. Steinhardt appears with his own shop at 315 Bowery. His home address is the same as the other 3 brothers.

Directory listings for NY are incomplete, but Steinhardt Bros. & Co. are shown as Wholesale Wine & liquor Dealers. In 1902, they are shown at 2207 3 rd Ave & 134-138 Mott St. In 1903 through 1906, the Mott Street address has gone and has been replaced by a store at 29 9 th St. From 1915 to 1918, only this latter address is shown.

Read more about this company in the following article:
The Story of KT&T China Whiskeys, by Jack Sullivan

The company used the brand names:
"Emerald", "Hill Brook", "Hill Side", "Lafayette Club Old Rye", "Littlemore", "Old Ballymore", "Old Methusalem", and "White Lily Pure Rye."

Business name timeline:
Lewis Steinhardt (1880), Steinhardt Bros. (1885-1918)

Address timeline:
456-458 Greenwich (1880-1885), & 192 Division (1885), & 313-315 Bowery (1885-1890), & 93 Hudson (1890), & 2259 2nd Ave (1890), 134-138 Mott St. (1902), & 2207 3rd Ave (1902-1906), & 29 9 th Ave (1903-1918)

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