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The Boone & Bro. Distillery
RD #422, 5 th District
Nelson County, KY

ca. 1885: Charles H Boone and brother Nicholas R Boone acquired the distillery that had at one time been operated by R B Hayden. It was located on Hayden's farm, about two miles SE of Bardstown, KY. Frank N Boone was employed as their distiller and they were producing whiskey sold under the barnd names "Old Boone" and "Old Maid". The latter was Orene Parker's main product: Parker had a fininacial interest in the distillery also.

1892: Insurance underwriter records describe the distillery as being of frame construction. The property included a single bonded warehouse, of iron-clad construction, with a capacity of 2,000 barrels. It was located 125 ft north of the still. A cattle shed stood 50 ft east of the still house. At that time, it was being operated by Boone Bros.

1902-1903: The distillery was sold to Thixton, Millett & Co., along with the "Old Boone" brand.

1912: Thixton, Millet & Co. acquired the Old Saxton distillery in Chicago, KY (RD #11, 5 th District) and created a modern facility with a grain elevator, bottling house and cooperage shop where production of "Old Boone" continued until Prohibition.

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Sitting in the upper left window is a Mr Elliott (first name uncertain), leaning out of the upper right window is Frank Boone.

Standing in front of the distillery, left to right:
Boone Holtshouser, John Brown (son of Pete), Charles H. Boone, Walter Smith (son of Frank), Pete Brown, George Robinson, George Eaton, Goo Bradley, Frank "Teapot" Smith, Nick Boone, Jack Nelson, Judge Morgan Yewell and Hiner Beam.

The picture was featured on a 1894 calendar, the photo courtesy of Ellen Tatum Smith.

Many thanks to Bill Smith for scanning and submitting the image for use here.

Internal Revenue recorded warehouse transactions for The Boone & Bro. Distillery as follows:
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