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The Clover Bottom Distillery
RD #418, 8 th District
Anderson County, KY

(Est. 1881)

1881: The distillery was built by Waterfill, Dowling & Co, which included Thomas B Ripy (Anderson News, June 1906, cited in Cecil, 1999).

1885: T B Ripy bought out his partners and expanded operations to 1,500 bushels.

1892: Insurance underwriters suggest that the distillery was a four-storey brick building. The property included a frame cattle barn 750 ft NW of the distillery, and two warehouses:
Warehouse No. 1 -- frame and iron-clad with a metal or slate roof, located 101 ft east of the still. The warehouse was divided into four adjoining sections: A, B, C and D.
Warehouse No. 2 -- frame with a metal or slate roof, located 112-1/2 ft west of the still.

At the time, the distillery was owned by T B Ripy, operating as Anderson County Sour Mash Distilling Co, among other companies (see below).

1899: The distillery was acquired by The Trust in the guise of the newly-formed Kentucky Distilleries & Warehouse Corp., who expanded it to a massive 4,000 bushels per day.

1920: Prohibition closed the distillery and it was dismantled.

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