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The Bond & Lillard Distillery
RD #274, 8 th District
Anderson County, KY

(Est. 1820)

Cecil (1999) provides much of the history that follows.

1820: The original distillery was built by John Bond on a site that was close to the W H McBrayer plant on Cedar Brook.

1836: The distillery was moved a short distance.

1842: John Bond died and the distillery passed to his son, David Bond.

1849: W F Bond (David's brother) took control. Bond partnered with his sister Margaret's husband, Christopher C Lillard, in 1869. Lillard had served as a Lieutenant with the 2nd Kentucky Infantry during the Civil War. He died in 1896.

1892: On June 16, the distillery was razed by fire with a loss of $10,000. The building was not insured (New York Times, 6-17-1892) .

Insurance underwriter records from 1895 note that a new distillery had been built. It was of iron-clad construction. The property included thee warehouses:
Warehouse No. 1 A -- , iron-clad with a metal or slate roof and located 76 ft south of the still. The warehouse was part Free
Warehouse No. 2 -- , frame with a metal or slate roof, located 135 ft SE of the still
Warehouse No. 3 -- , iron-clad with a metal or slate roof, located 170 ft north of the still.

1899: The distillery was acquired by The Trust, who improved it. Control of distillery operation was assumed by Stoll & Co. of Lexington, KY. Their letterheads and other advertising of the time showed them to be "Sole Proprietors."

The distillery closed with Prohibition, although the Bond & Lillard brand name continued to be used by AMS and its successors well into the later part of the century.

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Internal Revenue recorded warehouse transactions for The Bond & Lillard Distillery as follows:
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