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The Jas. P Ripy Distillery
RD #5, 8 th District
Anderson County, KY

The orginal distillery was built by J W Stevens (Cecil 1999).

1888: The distillery was acquired by Jas P Ripy.

1891: The original distillery was torn down and rebuilt as the Old Hickory Springs Distillery (Cecil)

Insurance underwriter records compiled in 1892 suggest that the distillery was iron-clad. The property included a single bonded warehouse, of frame construction with a metal or slate roof, 240 ft east of the still.

1918: Prohibition caused the distillery to close and it was dismantled. A new distillery was built on the site upon Repeal and after passing through a series of different ownerships, now produces "Wild Turkey".

Review bonded warehouse transactions for this distillery

Internal Revenue recorded warehouse transactions for The Jas. P Ripy Distillery as follows:
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