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The Crab Orchard Distillery
RD #81, 8 th District
Lincoln County, KY

Prior to 1892, the distillery was being run by Jas H Hutchings, but it is not certain that Hutchings established it.

By 1892 (according to insurance company records), it was in the hands of J W James & Co. The distillery was of frame construction. The property included a cattle shed 150 ft north of the still and two bonded warehouses:
Warehouse A -- frame construction with a shingle roof, 230 ft east of the still.
Warehouse B -- frame construction with a shingle roof, 220 ft SE of the still and 10 ft from Warehouse A.

The distillery was later acquired by the Yates Smith Co. and then by the Trust, operating as Crab Orchard Distillery Co..

At some point prior to 1914, it became known as the W S Muehlenkamp distillery. Muehlenkamp was a partner of Morris F Westheimer in the company known as The Susquemac Distilling Co. of Cincinnati.

By 1914, it was owned by W P Walker.

Review bonded warehouse transactions for this distillery

Internal Revenue recorded warehouse transactions for The Crab Orchard Distillery as follows:
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