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The Blue Grass Distillery
RD #3, 8 th District
Jessamine County, KY

The Blue Grass distillery was built on the Kentucky River at Hickman Creek on one side of Boone's Knoll (a steep hill formation). Around 1880, E J Curley build a second distillery of stone on the other side of the knoll: this was known as the Boone Knoll distillery, or RD #15 of the 8th district.

The two distilleries operated essentially as one and shared the storage facilities. Insurance underwriter records compiled in 1892 reported that RD #15 was new and constructed of stone. RD #3 was of frame construction. There were four shared warehouses on the property, along with cattle sheds and pens.
Warehouse B -- iron-clad with a metal or slate roof, 100 ft north of the orginal distillery. It housed barrels from both distilleries.
Warehouse D -- iron-clad with a metal or slate roof. It was located 150 ft NW of the orginal distillery.
Warehouse E -- iron-clad with a metal or slate roof, 300 ft east of the orginal distillery.
Warehouse C -- iron-clad with a metal or slate roof, 600 ft west of the orginal distillery. This warehouse was new as of 1892.

At the time (1892), RD #3 was owned by E J Curley & Co.

RD #15 was a magnificent stone building that came to be known as Curley's distillery. When Prohibition was enacted, it was converted to a hotel but reverted to its prior use after Repeal. It ceased operations in 1971 and is now on the Register of Historic Buildings.

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