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The Cold Water Distillery
RD #148, 8 th District
Mercer County, KY

Insurance underwriter records compiled in 1892 note that the distillery was iron clad and the property included both hog pens (45 ft east of the still) and cattle pens (110 ft NE) to take advantage of the slops.

The grounds housed three warehouses SW of the still, all iron-clad with metal or slate roofs and arranged in a line 3 ft apart. Warehouse A was 123 ft from the still, Warehouse B was 105 ft, Warehouse C was 290 ft.

The insurance records note that the still was being operated by Dowling Bros. as D L Moore. The Internal Revenue records are consistent with this and concur that this was RD #148, but Cecil (p. 115) contains a narrative on RD #23 that seems to match the description here. He notes that "The D L Moore Distillery" was built in 1871 on the Shawnee River near Burgin and that it was making the Moore and Rebstock brand for Charles Rebstock of St. Louis, plus his own Stonewall brand until 1889. Moore sold out to J S and M Dowling in Feb 6, 1889, apparently because he was now manager of the Cedar Run distillery. The Dowlings were part-owners of Waterfill & Dowling Distillery (formerly Waterfill & Frazier).

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Internal Revenue recorded warehouse transactions for The Cold Water Distillery as follows:
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