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The D L Moore Distillery
RD #118, 8 th District
Mercer County, KY

(Est. c. 1885)

The distillery was built in 1865 or 1866 on the Salt River 9 miles NW of Harrodsburg (the present-day Vanarsdell). It was established by Jackson Van Arsdell, and he operated it under the J Vanarsdell Distilling Co. banner until 1885 it was leased to Mullins & Crigler of Covington (from Cecil, 1999: but note that the J Vanarsdell Distilling Co. is seen in directories until 1898).

In 1892, Van Arsdell sold the distillery to D L Moore. Insurance underwriter records compiled in the same suggest that the distillery was of frame construction. The property included a two warehouses. The first (Warehouse A) was iron-clad with a metal or slate roof, located 110 ft NE from the still. The second was operated as a free warehouse (Warehouse B) and was constructed of stone with a metal or slate roof. It was located 60 ft west of the still. The records from the time still show Van Arsdell as owner.

Moore changed the name to the D L Moore Distilling Co. following his father's death and operated it until Prohibition, and then was torn down (Cecil, 1999). The company sold their product under the "Clear Brook" brand, perhaps a nod to Moore's Father-in-law (W H McBrayer), famous for the Cedar Brook brand and distillery.

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Internal Revenue recorded warehouse transactions for The D L Moore Distillery as follows:
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