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The John B Thompson Distillery
RD #63, 8 th District
Mercer County, KY

Cecil has this distillery listed incorrectly as RD #163, but provides useful background.

The distillery was originally located on Town Creek in Oregon, Mercer Co. It was built by Phil Jordan, but he sold out to John B Thompson who moved it to Harrodsburg.

Insurance underwriter records compiled in 1892 suggest that the distillery was brick-built and property included a three cattle sheds 63 ft north of the still, plus three warehouses. All three were iron-clad with metal or slate roofs:
Warehouse A (or No. 1) -- 100 ft NE of the still house
Warehouse B -- 100 ft NE of the still house
Warehouse C -- 210 ft east of the still

The distillery was known at various times as the Old Jordan distillery (c. 1878) , Old Fort Spring distillery (c. 1892) and, according to Cecil, its entire output was being contracted to the Live Oak Distillery Co. of Cincinnati by 1909. The Live Oak was suggested to be owned by R F Balke, who took sole control of RD #63 by 1917.

The distillery ceased operations upon Prohibition and was converted to a furniture factory?

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Internal Revenue recorded warehouse transactions for The John B Thompson Distillery as follows:
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