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The Kentucky Owl Distillery
RD #16, 8 th District
Mercer County, KY

Cecil provides interesting background on this distillery, obtained from the present-day descendants.

The distillery was established in 1880 or earlier by Charles M Dedman. The still was located in Oregon, KY., which is to the east of Salvisa (as noted in the warehouse transactions below).

Dedman was the son of Dixon Dedman and Mary McBrayer Dedman, the latter being the sister of famed distiller Judge W H McBrayer (thanks to Robert L McBrayer for corrections).

Insurance underwriter records compiled in 1892 note that the distillery was iron-clad construction and the property included two warehouses.

Warehouse A (or No. 1) was iron-clad with a metal or slate roof and sat on a hill top 450 ft south of the still.
Warehouse B (or No. 2) was also iron-clad with a metal or slate roof and was located 200 ft south of the still.

The insurance records note that the still was being operated by Chas. M Dedman and Cecil adds that it operated as the Kentucky Owl Distilling Co., with Dedman as Proprietor. Dedman also owned a drug store in Harrodsburg, where he practiced as a pharmacist.

Dedman died in 1918, two years after the still ceased operations, although the Internal Revenue records for the warehouse continue through 1920.

Aliases that this distillery's product was sold under
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The Kentucky Owl Distillery provided product that was sold under the following aliases:

Internal Revenue recorded warehouse transactions for The Kentucky Owl Distillery as follows:
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