A new beginning

Once upon a time, many, many, moons ago, I wrote a periodic feature called Shot of The Week. For various reasons (mainly to do with time), I stopped adding to the SOTW archives back in 2014.

Much has happened within the pre-pro collecting community since that time. Many collectors cashed in their collections and dropped off eBay. Other sold off their collections, then rebuilt them, then sold them off again, and are yet again rebuilding. Several prominent collectors died, including Bob Mraz, Roger Roy, Rich Lucchesi, and Ralph Van Brocklin, all of whom left gaping holes in the community.

The pre-pro collecting world continues to spin on its axis, however, and many new collectors feature regularly in eBay bidding wars. Since eBay reduces bidder identities to a series of forgettable letters and asterisks, it’s difficult to follow or report on the action in any meaning way. “l***c” really does not have quite the same caché as does bluroc, once a familiar name on eBay.

eBay continues to showcase a seemingly never-ending bounty of old and rare pre-pro glass however, and there is still a place for a forum such as this to showcase it. I have not used blogging software before so it will take some time to get New and Shotworthy fully functional, but here’s a new beginning.

For those of you interested in such things, 306 pre-pro glasses appeared for auction on eBay over the past month. 160 of those went unsold; the average price of glasses that did sell was $45.06.

(s***s on eBay)

3 thoughts on “A new beginning”

  1. Glad to see the possibility of this feature returning. Several of the old collectors and the competition they provided was enjoyable and made it fun.
    I’m not as active in the search as I once was but still if I see one from KC that I don’t have, I go after it!

    1. Thanks Paul! I plan on adding a new forum also – not sure which one best combats spammers, which are a constant thorn in the side. Find any good glasses recently? You can load images here now if you want to share.

      1. Robin, it’s great to have the site more active again. SOTW was something I have always enjoyed and looked forward to it continuing. I still go back and review archives. I too am not as active as before, but still go after New England glass and any reasonable picture glass.

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