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The pre-pro shot glass collecting world is woefully disorganized. Whereas there are thriving bottle clubs in virtually every area of the country and Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood collecting clubs that border on the fanatical, there are, to my knowledge, no pre-pro shot glass clubs. Perhaps there's just too few serious "glass-lusters" to reach critical mass.

While I'm not advocating the formation of a club per se, the lack of organization means that individual collectors are denied the benefit of many of the resources that are available around the country. I'm constantly amazed by how well-educated collectors are about their hobby and most are more than willing to share this knowledge.   Also, many collectors and antique dealers privately circulate lists of shot glasses for sale but the lack of a collecting club means that many serious collectors may not have a chance to see them.


The establishment of The Circle was an attempt to bring collectors together in an informal association. The Circle is simply a list of e-mail addresses of people interested in receiving communications about the hobby. It provides a way of disseminating information about glasses, sales, and shows. It also provides a way for one member of the circle communicate with and ask questions of all the others.

The e-mail list is kept behind a firewall,  so that while nothing in life is guaranteed, the mailings will be virus-free and spam-free.  Messages will also be sent blind. Thus,one member of The Circle will not know who the other members are unless they choose to reveal themselves.

If you're interested in being added to The Circle, simply send a message to with the word "Include" in the subject line.  You can have your e-mail address removed at any time by sending an e-mail to with "Remove" in the subject line.


For those collectors who are already out of the closet, so to speak, this site also includes a Collector Directory. The directory is just what the name suggests - it lists names of collectors along with their e-mail address and their area of interest. It provides a way for someone who is new to the site to contact collectors with similar interests.  If you're interested in being included in  the directory page, please click here.



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